U.S. Teens Are Most at Risk

U.S. teens are leading the pack compared to other countries, but these statistics are not something to be proud of.

An online report says that American teens are more likely to binge drink, experiment with drugs and die a violent death compared to other Western countries. According to the report, teens in the United States are four times more likely to be killed by violence than the next country in the survey which was Israel.

In the category of U.S. males aged 15 to 19, 17 boys per every 100,000 are killed every year in this country. Four boys per 100,000 were killed in Israel and Switzerland, followed by Canada, Ireland and New Zealand with three, Estonia and Sweden with two and one in the United Kingdom.

According to the survey, teen girls in the U.S. were more likely to binge drink than any other adolescent population in the countries included in the study.

While American teens are more likely to exercise, the obesity rate among the same population is the highest in this country.

So what is attributing to the high number of violent deaths, the high rate of underage binge drinking and drug abuse? Are there additional pressures on American teens compared to other countries? Is our culture what is contributing to the increase in such statistics?

This data would lead us to believe that there is not enough being done to either educate or help young teens in their lives so they do not feel that they have to turn to drugs and alcohol at such a young age.