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Most Addicts Not Receiving the Best Treatment

Most Addicts Not Receiving the Best Treatment

Addiction is a terrible disease. Those living with it struggle with temptations, shame, guilt, poor health, failing relationships, and a number of other issues disruptive to a normal lifestyle. Treatments for addiction that are based on medicine, science, and sound research have been lagging. For decades, addiction has been viewed as a lack of will […]

How Al-Anon Transforms Lives

According to, one out of seven people are alcoholics. For each of these alcoholics, their disease directly impacts 16 other people. With all of the lives alcoholism is affecting, it is no wonder a support group was founded over 60 years ago to help them. Al-Anon is a 12-step program for the friends and […]

Teens and Recovery Schools

Drug and alcohol abuse is a very real reality among teenagers today. It affects teens from all walks of life, showing no exceptions for race, demographics, or finances. Most statistics today indicate anywhere from 60 – 75% of teenagers have tried drugs or alcohol at some point; many of them end up in rehab. And […]

Can You Outgrow Your 12-Step Sponsor?

When you think about your life in recovery, attending your 12-step meetings, working your steps, finding your place again in society, reconnecting with family and friends, do you find yourself feeling comfortable and secure, confident in your ability to remain abstinent, or are you experiencing a period of stagnation? In either case, you may be […]

How to Break Ingrained Patterns of Drinking Behavior

If you’ve made the difficult decision to stop drinking, you’ve already taken the all-important first step. Nothing happens without conscious intent – especially when it comes to altering behavior involving alcohol. Whether you were a moderate drinker who has stepped over the line and become a problem drinker or someone who has been abusing alcohol […]