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Trauma and Addiction

There are several ideas about the root causes of addiction. Genetics may play a role. Environment can contribute. Many see it as a disease which, like other physical diseases, has a cause and a treatment. Still others view addiction as brain dysfunction – a matter of chemical imbalances. Even out the chemicals and recovery is […]

Psychotherapy as a Treatment for Addiction

Psychotherapy as a Treatment for Addiction

Psychotherapy is a very broad term that encompasses several aspects of therapy, analysis and counseling. Not all addicts seek therapy as part of treatment, but many psychologist, psychiatrists, and other professionals believe that they can help greatly with addiction. Becoming addicted to a substance or to gambling, sex, shopping, eating, or anything else often occurs […]

Demystifying Drug Rehab: What to Really Expect

If you’ve been putting off going into rehab to take care of a drug problem, maybe the underlying reason is that you’re conflicted and confused about what actually happens during treatment. Since there’s no effective way to get past addiction without going into treatment, getting a clearer picture of what to really expect during drug […]

Alternatives to Twelve Step

You have made one of the most important first steps in beating your addiction: you have admitted you have a problem and need help. With the assistance of research, you know that 12-step programs can be some of the most successful tools in helping you move down the path of recovery. But, for whatever reason, […]

Brain-Based Therapy for Addiction

Brain-Based Therapy for Addiction

Brain-based therapy is a relatively new idea in the world of medicine and it is used in a variety of ways, sometimes correctly and sometimes not. The concept is a very simple idea, but is complex in practice. It simply means treating people based on the brain and how it functions. This means using the […]