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Most Addicts Not Receiving the Best Treatment

Most Addicts Not Receiving the Best Treatment

Addiction is a terrible disease. Those living with it struggle with temptations, shame, guilt, poor health, failing relationships, and a number of other issues disruptive to a normal lifestyle. Treatments for addiction that are based on medicine, science, and sound research have been lagging. For decades, addiction has been viewed as a lack of will […]

Media Coverage of Events Can Increase Trauma

During a national disaster, the media is there to tell and show the world the tragedy that is enfolding. With vivid images of fire, explosions, natural disasters, or terrorist attacks the carnage of the disaster enters our living rooms. While the media provides needed alerts, safety information, and helpful resources for the nation, it can […]

Harm Reduction Strategies

All addictions are harmful-physically and mentally-for the addict. Every aspect of the addict’s life is negatively impacted, from relationships to jobs. It is not always possible to completely quit an addiction when going into rehabilitation and recovery, so minimizing the harm impacting the addict and those around him or her is a good step to […]

How Al-Anon Transforms Lives

According to, one out of seven people are alcoholics. For each of these alcoholics, their disease directly impacts 16 other people. With all of the lives alcoholism is affecting, it is no wonder a support group was founded over 60 years ago to help them. Al-Anon is a 12-step program for the friends and […]

Do Family Dinners Reduce Teen Drug Use?

Do Family Dinners Reduce Teen Drug Use?

Gathering around the family dinner table every night of the week is a fantasy up to which most families cannot live. Even having a few dinners together per week is difficult for most people to achieve. Parents are working later to make ends meet and to avoid getting laid off, teens are working part time […]