One More Chance

A celebrity run in with the law results in a potential life changing sentence for him. According to an article, Lost star Matthew Fox was charged for driving under the influence (DUI).

Fox was facing possible jail time for the charge, but prior to sentencing he was directed to go into a yearlong treatment program. If he successfully finishes the program he will avoid jail, if not he could face time behind bars.

Programs like the one Fox has been ordered to go into could actually end up doing more good in the long run than the person having to spend time in jail. While jail might scare a person, it most likely wouldn’t help to rehabilitate them if they have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

Often, repeat DUI offenders get sentenced to jail or even prison for their crime. In many cases, the person has a problem with a substance and cannot seem to escape the dangers associated with it.

In extreme cases there are others who have gotten hurt or even killed as a result of someone driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. In that case, jail time would be mandatory, but if they truly have a chronic substance abuse problem, then how will they ever move past the problem and be able to function positively in life?

Each case would require a thorough examination of the person and the circumstances associated with them getting in trouble with the law. In cases that merit another option, treatment programs could be the best option and could actually do more good for society.

People with real problems will get the help they need and not add to the already increasing overcrowding in the justice system.