A Grand Slam For Athletics

Professional baseball players are taking a stance in cutting down drug abuse within their profession. According to a Fox News article, officials and players within Major League Baseball (MLB) are toughening rules and regulations regarding illegal drug use.

There are extreme consequences now in place that will punish those who abuse any illegal substance. Part of the penalties range from suspension from the league to prosecution by law.

MLB Players are taking the position that they want to have the most stringent policies in professional sports against drug use. This is a positive first step for athletes at all levels. If professionals step up and develop a no tolerance concept, then perhaps other leagues will follow.

Athletes are looked highly upon by people of all ages. Their careers are followed closely and scrutinized by the public, but what they do on and off the field is also under a watchful eye. Both professional and collegiate athletes are also seen as role models for children. When they mess up in their daily lives, it sends a bad message to the kids who look up to them.

With new policies in place, one would anticipate that the problems associated with drug use could be cut down if they are truly enforced and the proper treatment is made available for those athletes who do have a problem.

If spectators can now see athletes taking responsibility for themselves and portraying the message that baseball can be a “clean” sport again, that could create a ripple effect through all of professional athletics.

This could potentially be a home run effort for all of sports as it sets precedence for others to follow. There are no more one, two or even three strikes and you might be out of athletics, now there’s a “you mess up, you pay” approach, as long as it is enforced effectively.