NFL DT Pitcock’s Career Derailed by Depression and Video Game Addiction

Most parents worry about their children spending too much time on video games and social media sites. Quinn Pitcock was a former first-team All-American NFL defensive tackle who derailed his career with video game addictions and depression, according to a recent story.

Now, Pitcock is trying to return to football and has worked his way back into football through the Orlando Predators. His goal is to make it back to the NFL and he is off to a good start with the Predators.

So far this season, he has played in 11 games and had 12 tackles and three sacks. His Predator’s coach Bret Munsey believes the NFL would be crazy not to give him a second chance. Pitcock is 28 years old now and this will not be his first attempt to try and return to the NFL.

Pitcock was a solid rookie in 2007 after his third round selection by the Indianapolis Colts. Then, he suddenly retired in 2008 before training camp began due to his addiction to the video game “Call of Duty”.

Too bad his call of duty was not grounded in his dedication to the NFL. Pitcock was so immersed he would start his day with breakfast at McDonald’s, then come home and park himself in front of the video game for 18 hours.

He slept seven hours and then began his video addiction again the next day. So scheduled he was by his addiction, he would even time visits with family and friends all around playing video games. Upon his retirement, Pitcock says he played games daily for three months for 18 hours each day.

Pitcock was waived in 2010 by the Colts and didn’t make it through training camps with both the Lions and Seahawks. However, Munsey believes now he would be better than most of the players on the NFL roster.

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