Addiction Experts Say Prison is Not Drug Rehab: Spotlighting the Case of Cameron Douglas

With the unusually severe prison sentence given to Michael Douglas’s drug addicted son, Cameron, addiction experts were provoked to charge the courts with ignoring their inmates drug treatment needs.

According to a recent article, Cameron Douglas’ case might be a turning point for our country’s war on drugs. Douglas is now serving a five year sentence for possession and distribution of drugs.

The famous actor’s son was hit last December with a 4.5 year additional term for possession of Suboxone and heroin while already in prison. Douglas has not received any drug rehab during his prison incarceration for his heroin addiction.

The judge saw his continued drug abuse as defiance. Addictions can often become more severe if the person has mental health issues and those cannot be overcome with imprisonment.

To further inflict punishment on someone who has an addiction is ignoring their medical needs. In the case of Cameron Douglas, a group of top addiction experts have gotten involved to help Douglas fight his appeal of the sentence.

The experts hope to get the attention of the justice system in order to bring to light this medical reality. Those with addictions need drug rehab in order to overcome their addiction.

Usually, inmates that are caught using drugs or possessing them will incur loss of privileges like visits and phone calls. Those actions did not stop Douglas from drugging and that angered the judge.

Dr. Robert Newman from the Beth Israel Medical Center says that as a physician he is outraged to see someone with a medical condition such as this that has been ignored.