Addiction – A Non-Infectious Disease

After generations during which addiction was considered to be everything from a sign of moral weakness to demon possession, the theory that addiction is a genuine disease is now the most widely accepted view of the problem. This view has revolutionized the way that addiction is treated, in addition to the way that addicts are […]

Mexico Drug War Also Dangerous for the U.S.

When U.S. law enforcement officers catch and question drug traffickers on this side of the border, many seem unaware of the nefarious Mexican powers behind their trade. Like a deadly sea monster, the heads of Mexican drug cartels live and grow on one side of the U.S.-Mexico border while their tentacles are reaching ever deeper […]

War on Drugs Greatly Impacting Women

It is often easy to assume the war on drugs is centered on men, when in truth it is affecting an untold number of women. According to an Alertnet article, the rate of female imprisonment has increased by nearly 800 percent since 1977, and this number is still rising. Much of this increase is attributed […]