Oregon Ducks Work to Address Possible Illegal Substance Abuse Problems With Student Athletes

Rob Mullens, Oregon Ducks current Athletic Director says the team is actively looking into possible drug use allegations with their student athletes. Mullens recently issued a response to a story in a recent issue of ESPN Magazine that talked about teammates and marijuana smoking.

The report estimated that between 40 and 60 percent of all student athletes who are football players use marijuana. The story was based on 19 interviews with former or current Oregon officials and players, according to USA Today.

State law in Oregon prevents the ability to randomly drug test people but the school has a policy that allows testing if there is reasonable suspicion.

Mullens released a statement saying that Oregon continues to work carefully to make student athletes aware of the dangers of illegal substances and the impact they can have on them and their career.

The university has been clear to carefully articulate their policies when it comes to illegal substance use policies among their student athletes. They have clearly stated rules for what happens if a student athlete’s test comes up positive, Mullens adds.

If an athlete does test positive for drugs, they must receive some counseling and further education. Should they have a second test that is positive, it will result in a behavior modification agreement between the coach and the student athlete.

Unfortunately, if an athlete fails a third drug test, they will become ineligible for one half of the season. Their scholarship will then be dropped if they have a fourth violation and they will be dropped from the team.